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Built in 1947 by the Reynolds and Boswell families, it was an active movie theater until the early 1960's when it closed and was abandoned until 1984

               Union Theatre "Grand Opening Night"


                         Union Theatre (1947 - 1960's)

In 1984, it was purchased by Lucius Morgan and became a furniture store until 1997.

                       Morgan Furniture Store (1984-1997)

During this period the marquee was removed and a glass enclosed display/exhibition room was added to the front of the building.

               Mobley Saddlery and Harness, Inc.(1997 -2007)

From 1997 to 2007 it was the "Mobley Saddlery and Harness, Inc." manufacturing facility.

In 2007 the Mobleys',who are active in Union Point's economic revitalization, offered to sell the building to the "Downtown Development Authority of Union Point"(DDA) if it would be used as a community oriented facility.

With the help of a $72,000 Rural Business Enterprise Grant from the United States Department of Agriculture, the building was purchased in June 2007 by the DDA...

and now the Revitalization begins...